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Country cowboy seed packs are each personalized with loved one's name and dates.

  • Packs come standard as shown unless customization is requested.
  • Each pack contains approx 1/2 tsp wildflower seed sealed in a zip bag so guests can tear it off and sow the seds.
  • Each pack is the size of a 4 x 5 greeting card. Comes in packs of 10
  • ** DIY KIT - includes printed card stock scored and ready to fold, string, and a zip bag for each pack. YOU FILL AND ASSEMBLE - SEED NOT INCLUDED 13.00

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COWBOY BOOT MEMORIAL wildflower seed packs, for celebration of life

  •  The all annual wild flower seed mixture is made up of 19 species that are designed to provide wildflowers for one year. Our mix contains a high ratio of re seeders so flowers will appear year after year if soil is maintained. 

    Planting instructions 

    Wild flower seed mixture includes:

    Calendula officinalis

    Cornflower Mix



    Plains Coreopsis


    Chinese Forget Me Not


    African Daisy Flake

    California Poppy

    Baby's Breath

    Sunflower Mix


    Spurred Snapdragon


    Virginia Stock

    Shirley Poppy

    Black Eyed Susan