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Sweet "B" Originals, Where it all began

I have had the honor of being owned by many Shih Tzu over the last 20 years. One Shih Tzu in particular completely stole my heart and soul for eternity. Bailley. From the day she was born she filled me with inspiration. Bailley inspired me to take better photos, show dogs, design, and be the best Shih Tzu mommy I could be. Her presence in my life pushed me to be the best at anything I did. She was perfect and I wanted the world to see how perfect she was through my art.


My pursuit of art and design has lead me in different directions over the years. It has always been a pleasure for me to design and create lovely things for friends and family. I am filled with joy when a photo I took or a custom design is used to help someone define memories of special events in their lives. 


I started to share my designs with other people offering event favors online. Note cards, Birthday cards, mouse pads, Kraft favor bags and the list continues to grow. 

It was only natural with the passing of a family member that Sweet "B" Original seed packs was born. I sat down and manipulated card stock to find the perfect way to make custom seed packs that were a beautiful hand made alternative to purchasing ordinary seed packs online. Over 300 cardinal seed packs were created for his memorial. The seed packs added a personal unique way to celebrate his life and memory. I decided to create more designs and offer these to anyone looking for an extra special way to define their memory of a loved one. 


Sweet "B" Original seed packs are now offered for baby showers, weddings, and holiday cards. Anytime is the perfect time to feed the birds or plant some flowers. There is no more perfect gift that the birds and flowers!


I can create anything you like. If you cannot find something that fits your needs, contact me, I am certain I can create your vision. 

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