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Personalized Funeral favors ~ Memorial Gifts for Guests

Funeral favors, also known as memorial favors or memorial gifts for guests, are small keepsake items given to attendees at funerals or memorial services. These items serve as tokens of remembrance and are often given to express gratitude for the attendees' support and presence during a time of loss. Funeral favors can vary in form and purpose but are typically designed to provide comfort, honor the memory of the deceased, and serve as a memento for those who attend the service.


Original size seed packet collection

Our original collection offers FULL size 5" x 4" seed packs. These packs are the size of average note or thank you cards. Choose from a variety of seed filling and designs. 


Candle collection

Our originally designed memorial gift candles include a personalized card with your choice of designs that cradles a tea light candle to light in memory of your loved one. Each tealight favor comes in a small cello bag making them perfect for gifting.  


Envelope collection

Our seed packet envelopes are mini envelopes that measure 3" x 4 1/2" each. Our seed envelopes feature a variety of designs and seed selections.


Translucent collection

These beautiful glassine seed packs offer a delicate look for seed packs. The seeds can be seen through the frosty material. Finished size is approx 4.5" x 4.5" with vibrant designs and a variety of seed choices.

monarchsmall (8)_edited.jpg

Petite collection

Customers love these little packs that fit in the palm of your hand perfectly. We offer several different styles including peek a boo packs that show the seed inside or a more traditional seed pack with bows and charms. 

funeralhummingbird (1).jpg


Cup of tea collection

Our beautifully designed tea packs measure 4" x 3 1/2" and come with your choice of 3 flavors of premium Tazo tea. The perfect gift for quiet reflection or as a part of a celebration of life.



Pins & Tokens

Angel pins & tokens



The mini collection

Our mini seed packets measure 2 1/2" wide by 2 3/4"

At just $1.00 each, our mini packs are a perfect budget friendly remembrance gifts for guest at a celebration of life or memorial service. 

Funeral, memorial seed packs are a unique way to say thank you to guests who attend a service. Memorial seeds offer a way to keep the departed loved one in the hearts and minds of those who know and love them. 

  • Bird seed - can be lovingly feed to the birds to help facilitate fond memories of the departed. Seeds can be feed as part of the memorial service or taken home for each guest to remember a loved one in a personal way. Feeding birds reminds those that life and hope are never gone as long as the memory of the departed is alive.

  • Flower seed - as flowers grow and bloom, life and hope blossom, and fond memories are re lived long after the service is over. Flowers nurture life and feed pollinators. Once flowers fade, seeds are produced, which can be saved over and over to create a living legacy, representing the circle of life. 

Select a favor / gift that is as unique as the life it will memorialize. Can't find the "perfect" design? Email us at sweetboriginals at As always, custom designs are complimentary with any order of $50.00 and over

We are honored to design a small token of remembrance that will help bring some peace and solace to all who are grieving. 

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