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Biker memorial sunflower seed pack, memorial gift, funeral favor can be used for celebration of life services as well as anniversary loss 

As flowers grow and bloom, life and hope blossom, and fond memories are re lived long after the service is over. Flowers nurture life and feed pollinators. Once flowers fade, seeds are produced, which can be saved over and over to create a living legacy, representing the circle of life. 


✿ Packs come standard as shown unless customization is requested.
✿ Comes in packs of 10. Each pack is the size of a 4 x 5 greeting card printed on 65 LB card stock. These packs are very classy.
✿ Each pack contains approx 1 TBS sunflower seed nestled inside a sealed zip bag so guests can tear it off and sow the seds.


✿ DIY KIT - includes printed card stock scored and ready to fold, string, and a zip bag for each pack. YOU FILL AND ASSEMBLE - SEED NOT INCLUDED 


♥ These can be customized any way you wish. If you want a different image or saying, just ask.


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Biker memorial sunflower seed pack, memorial gift, funeral favor

  • Our sunflower seeds were curated for their high germination rate.

    These fast-growing backyard beauties are beloved by birds and bees for their nutrient-dense seeds and pollen-rich faces. A classic and striking sunflower, the Black Oil is easy to grow and can reach 6-10’ tall with multiple flowers on each stem.

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